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Highly effective way of floor cleaning, maintenance and surface preparation:

•    The pads make 2850 rpm of 7 mm per minute, generating 15 times more movement than conventional cleaning. The mechanical effectiveness on the surface is much higher, results are achieved 3-4 time faster and the cost saving for square meter is impressive. 
•    A unique design to reach corners and skirting board, in both cases without space in between
•    Ergonomic: relax for wrist, arms, shoulder and back
•    Easy to use: for starters and expert personnel
•    Environmental friendly: reduction of consumption of the chemicals by 95%, pads are made with recycled particles. All our pads are Full Cycle® products and are certified by Green Seal™ for Environmental Innovation, based on faster biodegradation in landfills and 100% recycled material/natural fiber. In many cases our pads are made from recycled PET bottles
•    Multipurpose: deep cleaning including joints and anti-slip floorings, surface preparation of resin, micro-grinding, polishing and more. They can be used on: resin floors, sport floors, vinyl, linoleum, rubber, tiles, wood and natural stones.

Excentr Pink Pad - Soft
Excentr Green Pad - Medium
Excentr Black Pad - Hard
Excentr Blue Pad - Marble
Excentr Extreme Pad - Extreme Hard
Excentr Fiber Pad - Deep Clean Anti-skid Floor
Excentr MicroScrub - Softer pad for Anti-skid Floor
Excentr Magic Pad - Melamine
Excentr Strip Alu Pad - Alu Oxide
Excentr EDS Pad - Grit 100
Excentr EDS Pad - Grit 200
Excentr EDS Pad - Grit 400
Excentr EDS Pad - Grit 800
Excentr EDS Pad - Grit 1500
Excentr EDS Pad - Grit 3000
Excentr EDS Pad - Grit 8000
Excentr Sanding Net c60
Excentr Sanding Net c80
Excentr Sanding Net c100
Excentr Sia Sandpaper P24
Excentr Sia Sandpaper P40
Excentr Sia Sandpaper P60
Excentr Sia Sandpaper P80
Excentr Sia Sandpaper P120
Excentr Hard Brush - Sonic Scrub Green - ONLY ON REQUEST
Excentr PolyBrush
Excentr Dust Control Vacuum
Excentr Set Weights 12 Kg
Excentr Set Weights 24 Kg
Excentr Solution Tank 12L
Excentr Solution Tank 4L
Excentr Splash & Dust Guard
Excentr XL Tool
Excentr Double Connector
Excentr Skirt wet & dry
Spare parts
Excentr Grip
Excentr EU Extension Cable RED 15 meter
Excentr EU Extension Cable RED 25 meter
Excentr Set Squeegee Blades (oil & grease)

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