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STC also provides the possibility of creating a TFM (Total Floor Management) offer, integrating the floor maintenance activities with many others, such as the execution of markings, cleaning or other maintenance and much more, creating a peace of mind concerning your flooring needs and extending the lifetime of your floor.

The advantage of a TFM service offer is that there are no surprises and the total sum equals to the total budget set after the auditing and requirements process.
It may include necessity for the restoration of the complete floor or executing repairs, all this gets integrated into a monthly fee.
The level of the monthly rate depends on the amount of activities required/requested and the duration of the contract.
The STC TFM contract provides the customer a long list of hard savings, such as for example less maintenance on forklifts, less interruptions in the workflow, higher output, less cost for cleaning and electricity and a longer lifetime of the floor. For the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, we can as well provide a security of contamination control, from bacteria fungi or yeasts.

The soft savings are for example an increase in security for the workers, an increase in the quality of the work environment and quality of the product, a dust free floor, more warehouse space available in less square meters, less injuries, a secure quality of non contaminated food etc...
But above all, the long list of less obvious savings: a safe, clean workplace and a motivational environment in which to work.


In combination with the customer, his architects, Engineers or the end-user the requirements can be translated within a detailed specification, which can be used to create a new floor, a repair, change a lay-out for marking, creating a service offer.
Auditing is part of this and can also be requested in function of a specific requirement.


There is nothing more important than to ensure that the floor is executed as set in the specifications.
Therefore STC does not only provide quality specifications and chemicals, but also ensures that the applicator is certified, trained and executes your flooring within a set time schedule using the correct tools, chemicals and this to ensure the performance of the flooring system and executing it in a way Health, Safety and Environment are respected during and after.


It is very important to ensure that the floor is maintained correctly, to guarantee a long lifetime and a safe work environment.
Therefore STC does not only provide maintenance manuals, but can also provide you maintenance services.
The service can include cleaning, periodic inspections leading to an intervention to prevent costly damages, or can be also urgent repair interventions due to accidental floor damages.

Our Certified Flooring Applicators (CFA) can ensures these services are executed on your flooring within a set timing using the correct tools, chemicals and this to ensure the performance of the flooring system and executing it in a way Health, Safety and Environment are respected during and after.


STC Certified Flooring Applicators (CFA) have been trained on the system your choose for your floor.
The CFA has a continuous improvement training, which makes him up to date with the newly developed systems, Products, Equipment, Legislations and more.
Only a CFA may apply our flooring systems, this provides our customers with a high degree of guarantee of performance of the flooring they have chosen.


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