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STC Deep Cleaner
Deep cleaning for extremely dirty surfaces, also suitable for oil, grease and tire marks.

STC Deep Cleaner also exists in a super concentrate version, called STC Extreme Clean Power.
STC Deep Cleaner is a water based solvent free deep cleaner that replaces solvents and alcohols. It is suitable for technical cleaning and in particular of production plants.
STC Deep Cleaner was designed to remove hard residues, as tire marks, oils, greases and paints. STC Deep Cleaner cleans and brightens stainless steel surfaces, cleans all types of floors throughout plants, strips wax (at higher concentrations), can acts as a heavy-duty degreaser and more.
STC Deep Cleaner rinses off surfaces very effectively and does not leave residues.
STC Deep Cleaner can be used in power washer, hand spray and for mopping or floor cleaning machines

•             Multi-use waterbased deep cleaner
•             Haps free
•             Extremely low VOC
•             Boron, EDTA, DEA and Formaldehyde free
•             Zero residues
•             Non-toxic label
•             Pleasant odour

Where to use
•             Cleaning of floors in resin, industrial floors, in concrete or in tiles
•             Cleaning of windows
•             Cleaning of machinery and industrial equipment




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