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STC R/W Clean Power
Maintenance and deep cleaner for shiny surfaces, STC R/W Clean Power is a cleaner with low pH, which will not affect the shine of the resin floor, vinyl or linoleum.
Used in compliance with Excentr Pads, the product can even restore the shine of resin floors.

STC R/W Clean Power has been developed specially for cleaning of resin floors, vinyl, linoleum and glass windows, either indoor or outdoor the plant. It leaves no streaks, film or residue after rinsing with water. It removes general dirt, oil and grease and hard to remove build-up dirt.
It is an excellent cleaner for the general cleaning of offices and production plants.
STC R/W Clean Power can be used to clean resin floors (Epoxy, PU, PMMA etc). Excellent for use in dispensing equipment (as spray-on or foamy).
STC R/W Clean Power is supplied as a super concentrate to provide you with an environmentally conscious and cost effective solution, enabling dilution at your facility as per your needs.
STC R/W Clean Power will clean any non-porous and porous surface and will leave any mirror or window streak free!

•             Waterbased cleaner, safe for resin, vinyl and linoleum floors
•             Also suitable for concrete, windows and industrial cleaning
•             pH neutral
•             Low Haps
•             Caustics & Ammonia free
•             Extremely low VOC
•             Boron, EDTA, DEA and Formaldehyde free
•             Zero residues
•             No odour

Where to use
•             Cleaning of resin, vinyl and linoleum floors, concrete or tiles
•             Cleaning of windows and plexiglass
•             Cleaning of stainless steel, chrome and aluminium



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