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STC Daily Clean Power
High quality maintenance cleaner, also suitable for office floors, with lemon perfume

STC Daily Clean Power is a concentrate detergent, which must be diluted with water. The dilution rate depends on the surface to be cleaned and on the intensity of build-up dirt. Apply on the surface the diluted STC Daily Clean Power by mop, brush, spray or foam. Let it act for few minutes, then remove the dirt by rinsing with fresh water.
STC Daily Clean Power can also be used in the Excentr Daily equipment or as extra cleaning support with the Excentr Scrubbers.
STC Daily Clean Power dries quickly and can be easily removed

 Product benefits
•             No airborne chemicals
•             Near to neutral pH
•             Ammonia and corrosive substances free
•             Extremely low VOC content
•             Boron, EDTA, DEA and Formaldehyde free
•             Pleasant lemon perfume

Where to use
•             Cleaning of office, industrial janitorial area floors in resin, concrete, tiles and natural stone
•             Cleaning of garages and workshops floors
•             Cleaning of office floors 
•             Cleaning of windows
•             Cleaning of equipment



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