Ultimate flooring systems
Resin, concrete and cleaning chemicals
Equipment, tooling & innovative services

About us

* Headquartered in the near of Torino, Italy.
* Established in 2011
* STC International Srl is involved in the flooring and paint booth chemicals
* For architects, engineering and end users, STC creates specifications, cleaning maintenance manuals and provides services as application follow-up for resin and polished concrete flooring
* For contractors, STC is a “one stop shop” for resin flooring and concrete polishing, covering supply of flooring chemicals, diamond tooling, equipment and application tools (rollers, trowels etc) as well a source of technical support
* TFM (Total Floor Management) can be provided to ensure a floor which exceeds requirements and ensures a long lifetime via a preventive maintenance and cleaning plans
* Warranty Quality to the customer, through our partners network and our certified applicators and cleaning companies
* Preventive maintenance and cleaning plans and chemicals for paint booth protection and maintenance

“It’s more than just a floor”

* Be involved from specification, product supply, application and maintenance for resin and polished concrete flooring

“From requirement to satisfaction”

* National and International presence, export in 28 Countries
* High performance through quality, specification and application know-how, warranties


STC International Srl
Via Galileo Galilei, 73/75 - 10040 Leinì (TO) - Italy - Tel. +39 389.881.5836 - info@STCint.net - VAT IT11274750014