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Code of Conduct


Health, Safety and Environment are our top priority and is demonstrated in all our actions, and by our employees, consultants, agents, distributors and partners.
It is our companies standard to be compliant with local and European HSE laws and standards.
We will always take as priority to
- Improve worker & nature exposure
- Reduce waste
- Inform, train and ensure chemicals are used in a safe and minimal way
- Do everything in our powers to ensure a ZERO accident environment
- Challenge our partners to align to our set standards

All information we obtain during the execution of our businesses are considered as confidential and intellectual propriety of the customer or partner involved. We will manage and record with the highest ethical code and in line with the actual privacy laws. All STC information which we provide to third parties, documents electronic data, or any other kind of record, the STC employees must ensure to be used confidentially and are to be understood as STC's intellectual property.

Our management must act as role model and will reflect and carry STC's core values and code of conduct towards all employees, partners, customers and Society.

Each employee of STC will act in full compliance with the Global Anti-trust & Competition Laws.

STC and its personnel will be fully compliant with the trade laws in all countries where we do business, including laws limiting export or import of various controlled substances, anti-dumping laws, boycott laws and custom & tax legislations.

We offer equal employment opportunity to every employee regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity or sexual orientation.
Our organization will provide respect between employees and to all human beings which we interact with. We will challenge our partners to align to our set standards.

We will comply with all labour and employment laws in the countries where we operate, this will including all laws pertaining to child labour, human trafficking and employee rights such as freedom of association. Human trafficking will not be tolerated. We will not engage with partners or customers which are not compliant with the described practices

STC employees will act in the best interest of the Company when conducting Company business and will not allow personal interests above the companies interests.
Customer, partner, supplier, competitor relationships will be managed without interfering the conflict of interest code. STC employees will not hold any financial interest in customer, partner and supplier of STC. Gifts and entertainment will be executed within correct business and legal practice and this for giving and receiving.

All items, including physical and non physical assets (such as electronic data) belonging to STC are considered as full ownership of STC, whereby STC personnel will handle company assets with responsibility and care and not use then without permission for personal purpose.

STC will respects individual privacy and protects the personal information of our employees and third parties. This information cannot be used for personal purpose and cannot be divulged without agreement of STC, or the third party.

Internal & external communications will always be done using STC reflection and be consistent with STC's core values and business mission.
STC logo may not be used for personal or non STC business purposes.


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