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STC Captex 66
High temp tacky oven entry and exit coating

  • Haps free, extremely low VOC
  • High surface retention
  • Extremely long life time
  • Captures/retains airborne dust/paint particles
  • Low maintenance, easily applied/removed
  • Fluorescent coating permits complete coverage
  • Economical dirt reduction, improved quality

High temp tacky entry oven and exit coating
Extreme tacky material that attracts dirt & airborne particles to reduce paint contamination.
To be used on plastic, STC Protex 99 or aluminium foil (oven). Areas of application are pre-air shower, feather dusters, entry and exit of the ovens, under and upon conveyers walls and in high dirt concern areas.
Can be left in place long time near high temp areas (<160°C)

Has to be rolled, brushed or sprayed with an airless spray system on plastic or aluminium foil (oven).
Due to its yellow fluorescent color, it is visually easy to see where applied.
Outside the oven can also be put on top of STC Protex 99.
After you roll out onto foil, do let it set up for 4 hours to achieve maximum tackiness.   
The coating is applied to a thickness such that it does not sag or run, wet 1-2 mm thick.
You will obtain a very tacky surface attracting and holding airborne dirt, paint chips, dust, etc… out of the air, thus reducing particles that can touch the fresh painted car surfaces.                                                                          
The coating can be removed by peeling off the aluminum foil, plastic or STC Protex 99 film, or can just be overcoated.




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